Happy Glocktober

Welcome to our “un-offical” month long celebration of our favorite pistols


what is
locktober is a reason to have fun with our favorite pistols

Some Channels, Shows, Personalities and Podcasts
are giving away 100 ‘Glock SWAG’ Prize Packs

For the list Channels, Shows, Personalities and Podcasts
check out the Supporters page

Check out the Partners page to see
who partcipated in making this event happen

The Story

It started with a Facebook conversation between Zorin Denu and Gun Websites ..
We thought about how cool a month of Glock would be.

Glock was contacted (to make sure they were OK with our plan to feature Glock all month) and they were very gracious
They even supplied us with some logo gear to give away !

We enlisted help from some of our friends online to help give away all kinds of cool Glock related Gear and Services throughout October

Use #Glocktober to join in on the fun

And watch our partners and supporters for giveaways all month long all over the web


* Please don’t confuse this page for the official Glocktober Photo Contest, which you can find here

Enter by Oct. 16th for a chance to win and have your photo featured as GLOCK’s Facebook Cover Photo.