The Glocktober project has some supporting partners who are donating cool stuff for the give away stuff, and/or helping to cover shipping costs.

We would like to thank and acknowledge them here

Glocktober is not a for-profit event, so any funds raised in addition to shipping costs will be donated to the Fisher House Foundation

GlockGlock – Enter by Oct. 16th for a chance to win and have your photo featured as GLOCK’s Facebook Cover Photo.

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GunWebsitesGun Websites – provides information on our network of gun websites.We offer websites on various guns, shooting and firearm types.

ZorinDenuZorin Denu – Just a guy with a Camera and a “Few” Guns Check out Zorin’s work – Click Here


WildernessSqthe Wilderness – Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC was founded in 1981 to fill the needs of people who demanded durable, high-quality equipment. We are not just concerned with durability, we are downright stubborn about it. Our motto is our philosophy: “Overkill never fails.”


ATEiATEi  – Custom Combat machining for self defense when things are going loud.


399guns$399 – QUALITY NEW GUNS UNDER $399 River Valley Armory hires former and current military, law enforcement and first responders who share our passion for the Second Amendment . Your personal sale rep will help you find the best firearm for your needs and budget. We wont be satisfied until you’re satisfied.

Artisan Construction– I am a conservative libertarian that believes in limited government and self reliance. I love the outdoors and spending time with my family. I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and enjoy shooting and teaching my sons and daughter the sport and gun safety.


Gun Channels – Created in November 2013. We provide a Gun Friendly Community for Firearms Enthusiasts, Shooters of all sorts, Shooting Sports Competitors, Hunters, Collectors, Manufacturers, Gun Shops and others involved in the firearms community


The Tac – I have been a responsible gun owner for years….with a gun by my bedside, and one in the car “just in case” Along the way of getting married and having 2 girls, I have had a series of epiphanies that have changed the way I think and operate when it comes to the security for myself, and more importantly, for my wife and two daughters.


TucsonGunsTucson Guns – Tucson Guns is a local Gun Shop on the East side of Tucson, Arizona. We feature New, Modern Firearms as well as Unusual and Antique Guns


Ghostown Custom Knives – “Unique and personal works of functional hand made art”


If your company would like to participate as a Partner please contact us