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GunChat-Podcast-006-HossThe Hoss USMC – Writer/ Editor/ Producer. Hoss is a Kentucky Colonel and a formerly active United States Marine Lance Corporal. He is also a registered member of the Chickasaw Nation.

 How to Win: TheHossUSMC is on the road, filming his documentary “The American Militia” so TheHoss will be picking his winners randomly, once a week on Facebook and You Tube

Artisan Tony – I am a conservative libertarian that believes in limited government and self reliance. I love the outdoors and spending time with my family. I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and enjoy shooting and teaching my sons and daughter the sport and gun safety.

How to Win: Tony hosts LIVE hangouts on Mondays, he also posts videos on his You Tube Channel, Tony will be picking winners during his Monday show and YT Videos, once a week

  • 5 Winners = Oct 2nd, Seth P, Pink P, Don N, Dale M, Kris K

The Tac Daddy – I have been a responsible gun owner for years….with a gun by my bedside, and one in the car “just in case” Along the way of getting married and having 2 girls, I have had a series of epiphanies that have changed the way I think and operate when it comes to the security for myself, and more importantly, for my wife and two daughters.

  • 1st Winner = Oct 2nd, df2dot
  • 2nd Winner = Oct 9th, Chris V

How to Win: TheTac Daddy (Kevin) hosts a LIVE show each Thursday night 9pm-EST, he will be picking winners every Thursday durring the show

welikeshootingWe Like Shooting – To inform, advise, learn and foster a community of like-minded individuals for the advancement and adoption of shooting sports, hobbies, survival and hunting.

  • 1st Winner = Oct 1st, Justin K

How to Win: The We Like Shooting crew records their shows Wednesday nights, they will be picking winners once a week and announcing how to win during their show

Digital Profit 

  • 1st Winner = Oct 8, Patricia B

How to Win: DP is running contests on his Instagram page, check it out to win

photoHighDesertTactical – Welcome to the humor and mayhem of HDT! There is no telling what you might see on here? Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you around, Trevor with HighDesertTactical.

How to Win: Watch this video 

HausofGunsHaus of Guns – We believe wholeheartedly in the Second Ammendment, Sportsmanship, Armed Citizens, Firearm Safety practices, Sportsmanship and fair game/fair chase practices, and shooters getting what they expect in a product thanks to honest and detailed gun reviews.

How to Win: TBA

photo (2)Tactigirl Lola –  Si Vis Pacem, para bellum…if you wish for peace, prepare for war. Reviews and info on guns, tactical items, gear, weapons and fun

  • 1st Winner = Oct 5th, Prepper Potpourri

How to Win: Lola hosts a sunday LIVE show, and she will be picking her Glock SWAG pack winners during her show

Tactical 6 String – A mix of value EDC & tactical gear reviews, thoughts & some guitar playing too.

  • 1st Winner = Oct 6th, Leo T

How to Win: Tac runs contests on his YouTube Channel weekly

jdo-yt-photoJust Dan-O –  The purpose of JustDanO is two fold. First is to bring information to you that I have found difficult to find in a short and concise way. Specifically on your personal and family security in times of trouble either short or long. This is a ongoing journey for me that will only end, when I do. Secondly is to bring my experience and views of our great nation to bare on those that may still have a open mind

  • 1st Winner = Oct 5,  David H

How to Win: Dan-O hosts a LIVEshow, every other Sunday night where he picks winners for the Glock SWAG packs,and on weeks he doesn’t run a LVIE show he will post videos on his You Tube Channel with instructions to play & win

GTC - photo Green Dragon Tavern – daily LIVE chats

  • 1st Winner – Oct. 10 – Chris R


mq1 (1)The Yankee Marshal – This channel deals with firearms, self defense, prepping, etc. This is a channel is about enjoying hobbies, mutual interests, and not taking yourself too seriously. So sit back and have fun. You might even learn something.

  • 1st Winner – Oct. 8 – Sean V.

How to Win: Watch Yankees videos to see how to win

Edge-001Edge4006 – gun enthusiast

  • 1st Winner – Oct. 8 – DB Cooper
  • 2nd Winner – Oct 10 – B Gerk

How to Win: Watch Edge4006 each Firday night for his LIVE show to win

photo (1)Gun Channels

  • Day 1 = 5 Giveaways

How to Win: Random giveaways to members and guests


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